Z Gel Convolution

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  • Try out this Gel Convolution pillow by Malouf!


Characteristics (per manufacturers description):

  • Cooling convoluted Dough® memory foam core
  • Feels like down, no odors
  • Multiple loft options available (4.5″, 6″, and 7″ height)
  • Removable convoluted Gel Dough core encased in Gelled Microfiber® fill
  • Different levels of customizable support for all sleeping positions
  • Luxurious down feel without odors, allergens and sharp quills
  • 100% Tencel® cover
  • Available in Queen and King sizes


Gelled Microfiber®

Hypoallergenic filling made of gel-coated microfibers for soft, consistent support without clumping.

Gel Dough® Memory Foam

Premium Dough® memory foam is infused with advanced gel material that dissipates heat to regulate temperature, in addition to providing the pressure-relif memory foam is known for.


Stunningly soft and smooth Tencel® botanical fiber has inherent moisture management properties that make it ideal for sensitive skin and temperature-sensitive sleepers.


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